The year 2019 has been phenomenal with many events and circumstances happening at the same time. Regardless of all that happened, there is no way one can forget all about Brexit and how it affected the global markets. In case you forgot what happened you may want to refresh or learn about it, click here! From taxpayers to lawmakers, everyone had a share in this decision. Although the credibility of the decision can be questioned, one cannot forget about the impact that it created on a global scale. But apart from that, the city of New York has witnessed other events, and it is quite essential to keep a tab on them. As the year comes to an end, we are here to tell you all about the latest news and events from New York.

The Stock Market Forecasts

Market Forecasts

Investors and other such individuals might be in pain once they begin to realise and watch the forecasts of all that is happening in and around them. Through time, most of these stocks have been pilling, and people predicted that it needs time. But as far as the record is concerned, it is quite essential to note that they are not solid like before. Although the forecasts predict a fall in price, some people tend to think otherwise. They compare these analyses to the weather forecasts and call both of them to be inaccurate. If one has to talk about actual figures and quote real numbers, then you will have to wait. Towards the end, only time can tell you what may or may not happen. Read here

The Boeing CEO

Probably the biggest shocker for the month of December so far might be from Boeing. The resignation of CEO Dennis Muilenburg took the business world to a position where they tend to ask a lot of questions. Most of them point out at the current state of affairs for the company and how things are leading to a new position. As far as filling the vacant position is concerned, the company has nothing much to say. For the time being, Greg Smith will be the interim CEO, and that’s all the news people have been receiving. The impact of this decision cannot be explained because people are trying to understand the damage. A significant sector that seems to be reacting so far is the stock market, and it does not have a pretty picture to paint.


Combined Conclusion

News about resignation and stock market are two different things, but they seem to affect the same sector. Although it might be a wrong way to enter into a new financial year, people are trying to cope up and come with some clarity. The only answer that most portals and agencies can give at the moment is to wait and make time answer the rest.

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